Workshop B – Change Management

05 Oct 2018
13:30 - 17:00

Workshop B – Change Management

It is Always About That: How to Really Design Effective Change Management Processes in SSCs (if Designable at All!)

Hands on! In this interactive workshop, you will not necessarily learn theoretical concepts from the session leader, but rather use 3 hours of your time to exchange with fellow professionals on how to initiate, drive, manage and measure change within your organization.
Through practical exercises, story-telling and experience sharing, be ready to throw ideas out there and load your backpack with suggestions that might be worth exploring once back to the office.

If you have spent more than a few weeks in an SSC environment, strong are the chances that you have already had to deal with changes.
This session is aimed at helping you “put a frame” around this scary concept, and establish clear strategies that will finally and/or hopefully deliver on expectations. You might be discussing (depending on the direction the session takes):

  • Best practices and examples of good (or bad) implementation of different change management tools
  • Concepts of change agents identification, organizational mapping, entrepreneur/intrapreneur spirit, etc.
  • How to get top management “real” buy-in and constantly cascade your programs down to multiply the impact on business
  • Effective change management strategies designed through the expected impacts they have on future operations, people and overall global strategy
  • And many other exciting ad hoc stuffs coming from the brain storming!

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